Understanding Original Tai Chi

Understanding Original Tai Chi….Tai chi is an ancient physical art form which was developed way back in ancient china. Tai Chi has been translate to; ‘supreme ultimate fist’. As the name suggests this art form is primarily a martial art but it is different from the conventional martial art forms. In Tai Chi there is use of slow tempo maneuvers and subtle movements instead of explosive kicks and hard punches to overcome an opponent.

Tai chi is claimed to have been found by a wise monk Chang Seng Feng.

According to the sayings this monk once had a dream of a fight between a snake and a crane. Taking this to be a divine dream Chang Seng studied the dream and made the thirteen postures that laid the foundation of Tai Chi.

After some time Tai Chi has evolved with improvising and innovating a basic Tai Chi style into many forms of today. Nowadays you can learn many forms of Chi Practice such as Wang style, Wu style, Chen style and so on. Although the birth of new Chi forms were not only restricted to these three but the above mentioned were the most prevalent form with Yang style being the most practiced.

A Tai Chi practice involves much discipline and is something you can grow into as your practice matures. Just like Kung Fu and other art forms Tai Chi requires students to maintain a very rigid life style. The demands of Tai Chi are seldom met by casual students and on top of that Chinese practitioners are known for being very selective of their students, almost secretive. These reasons have lead to a sharp decline in Tai Chi as a combat art form in recent years.

Today Tai Chi has been modified as a means to attain better physical and mental health.

There are increased number of folks signing up for Tai Chi classes as a part of their health regime. Even community centers and some physicians have been taking initiatives to popularize Tai Chi by sponsoring the teaching Tai Chi.

One question that comes to ones mind is; ” What Tai Chi actually is to You”?

Tai chi is essentially a martial art form but has softer and subtle moves. You should not undermine the power of Tai Chi or Qigong because of its slow tempo. Consider Tai Chi can be a form of moving meditation. Adding Qigong you can get into some very intense energy flow…breaking a sweat standing still with invigorating life flow.

Tai Chi consists of 24, 40, to 108 moves gaining massive popularity for folks of every age group.

Doing Tai Chi one, two or three times a week means you can be getting exercise for your whole body akin to doing any high quality exercise or even aerobics.

And even more, what a regular Chi practice can mean to you is much better than an outstanding health insurance policy… your are planning for your overall good health. You can be taking or sharing responsibility’s for your own health and wellness. (that is huge!)

And at the core of your Chi practice… it’s all about stepping into a natural ‘Chi Flow’ making your Tai Chi practice a most valuable investment in yourself and your health.

Chi Know-how and practice can be a lifelong quest or just something you do for 30 minutes to feel better fast. No matter what you decide do check with your physician first and foremost before starting any exercise program.

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The Benefits of Learning Tai Chi

Have you heard of Tai Chi before? Tai Chi is a well-known and historic form of Chinese martial art. Over the past few years, the popularity of Tai Chi has increased, and its popularity has spanned the globe. While a large number of individuals are interested in learning Tai Chi with no questions asked, there are others who are interested in learning more about Tai Chi, like the benefits of practicing it.

If you are one of those individuals, you will be pleased to know that practicing Tai Chi has an unlimited number of benefits.

One of the greatest benefits to learning Tai Chi is the health benefits. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to determine if there were any help benefits to practicing Tai Chi and there were. Tai Chi is known to promote a health body balance. This healthy body balance is ideal for those increasing in age, as it will help to reduce the number of poor balance related falls.

It has also been noted that Tai Chi is effective at reducing pain. While it may not always help with pain, a number of studies have found that their participants noted a decrease in pain associated with old injuries.

In conjunction with the above mentioned health benefits, it also important to mention staying active. In some aspects, Tai Chi is considered a sport. When learning Tai Chi, you are actively learning and practicing some of the many Tai Chi moves or forms. This activity will not only help to improve your overall balance, but it will also help to give you exercise.

While Tai Chi isn’t necessarily always associated with weight loss, it may be if you combine learning Tai Chi with other exercises or even just with eating a healthy diet. If you currently do not have an exercise plan, you may start noticing a weight loss, from learning Tai Chi right away.

In addition the physical health benefits, another benefit of learning Tai Chi is what it can do for your emotional state and emotional wellbeing. Mediation is a competent of Tai Chi. This has what in turn has led to the emotional benefits of participating Tai Chi.

Due to its relaxing nature, those who are learning Tai Chi have noticed a significant change in their emotional state or even just an outlook on life. Many have commented that learning Tai Chi helped to decrease their stress levels, overall making them a happier and healthier person.

The above mentioned benefits of learning Tai Chi are just a few of the many that exist. One other noteworthy benefit of learning Tai Chi is that it is fun. Whether you are learning Tai Chi by yourself or with a friend, you will sure enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in reaping the above mentioned benefits and the many more of learning Tai Chi, you are urged to find a Tai Chi seminar or instruction class that is being offered in or around your area. In the end, you will be glad that you did.

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