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Ten tai-chi amateurs form a pretty, mosaic under the hundred-year-old trees. Th ey move in unison, without a sound, scarcely disturbing the grass as they shift their feet, clad in Chinese slippers. 2 Death Sentences draws a chorus of “Oohs!” and “Ahhs!” and “Oh, what a cute

Case 0001. I lost my sense of smell four years ago. The doctors told me that it is natural and that it is not a sickness. case 0002. As far back as I can remember I never had a sense of smell.

When we protested for girls to wear pants to school (we were the first HS in NYC to have the rules changed) I was sent to Dr. Taffel's office with a We made the move out to Colorado Springs about 10 years ago and have been loving (holy crap, was that really 20 years ago!), have

In tai chi classes. you travel down the lines. or throw your ex’s crap out of the house,” says Moses, who teaches kung fu to David Carradine. Rob Moses (white pants) uses his “swimming hands” to stop his opponent’s attack.

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