Digimon Tri AMV Satellite

Digimon Tri AMV Satellite,This tutorial is about Digimon I DO NOT OWN THE FANART USED IN THE VIDEO NOR THE ANIME SONG! I DO NOT OWN COPYRIGHT! Fandom Digimon..

Mimi Y Joe.Este pequeo tutorial muestra a una pareja de digimon que yo considero que es la mas realista en cuanto que a mimi le gusta joe aunque muchos apoyan el..

Taichi And Koushiro Talk About A Koushiro Plan..

Digimon Adventure Tri - Meiko X Taichi AMV..Meiko mochizuki x Taichi Yagami..

Taishiro Love Secret !!!.Taichi and Koushiro only!!.

Digimon Adventure Tri ~ |????? ?????| AMV {Taichi / Yamato } *Reuploaded*.Watch in HD Please Read Hello everyone, So this is my first tutorial that I made with the footage from Digimon Adventure Tri. I thought that first movie was very..

Amv Collections 20152016

Amv Collections 20152016,i only uploaded everything i found in my tablet i didnt upload some of them tho at the right bottom, they have the date when i finished making them mmddyyyy..

Sorato Evidence.Im a big Sorato Fan that doesnt mean i hate Taiora, Mimato, Taito or any other so i thought of making this tutorial for all the Sorato Fans out there rate and..

[BHS] Taichi X Mimi { Michi ~ Payphone.FULL MEP watchv1nLj5mILZZcfeaturechannellistUL Brave Heart Studios userBraveHeartStudios Hey..

Hold Me Now-Taichi &Mimi(Digimon Adv.Tri)PREVIEW.Ya que este 20 de Noviembre,se estren internacionalmente,por medio de Crunchyroll,la 1 OVA de Digimon Adventure,se me ocurri hacer un corto de un..

Taichi &Meiko-Digimon Tri.. Quiero MICHI u.u..

Taichi X Yamato ~ Hot N Cold.Im tired to ask myself which I think is better. Taiora or Sorato I am so undecided. In one moment I am like Absolutly Sorato but then in the next moment I think..

Taiora~Could It Be Taichi X Sora (Digimon Adventures 01).Disclaimer I dont own Digimon and the song. Enjoy. Well, Its a Taiora Vid. Pls. like and comment..

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