Taoist Tai Chi Society

Taoist Tai Chi Society,30 years Celebration Demonstration Castle Park, Colchester..

Taoist Tai Chi Society Of Peterborough..

Simon Poon 2011 Canadian Open Taiji Championships Chan Style Taichi Sword.representing Fook Moon Taichi Association..

Chen Style 26-style Tai Chi-Liverpool Tai Chi Society.Chenstyle 26 movements..

Tai Chi In China: Exercise Impresses Chinese Canadians.A beautiful tai chi exercise was a success with the Chinese Canadian Community Delegates who visited Guangzhou, China. It was a nice, easy fitness routine,..

Flashmob Watermelon Tai Chi At Canadian Pain Society 2013.Dr. Philip Peng organized a flashmob on a modified and simplified version of Tai Chi called Watermelon Tai Chi in the Canadian Pain Society meeting in..

Tai Chi Exercise In China Overseas Chinese History

Tai Chi Exercise In China Overseas Chinese History,A community delegation of Chinese Canadians visited Guongzhou, China. We were treated to incredible ceremonies and activities, including a tai chi exercise..

Integral Tai Chi - Compassionate Service Society East.The Compassionate Service Society East demonstrates their Integral Tai Chi exercise at the 17th annual World Tai Chi Qigong Day celebration on April 25,..

Chinese Canadian Clans Visit China In 2011 (Fong Leun Tong Society) Sit Seto Clan.Our Chinese Canadian Delegation was treated to a tai chi exercise routine, a lion dance, a presentation, speeches, and refreshments. The entertainment was..

TCAA 2015 Push Hands Competition.Revised tutorial of the Tai Chi Association of Australia 2015 Push Hands competition..

World Tai Chi &Qigong Day Volunteers Do Their Part For This Global Health-Healing Event.Every year Kansas City and Johnson County, Kansas tai chi and qigong players volunteer to support the global wave of health and healing events held in..

Tchoung Ta Tchen, Double Yang Style Tai Chi.m4v.Tchoung Ta Tchen doing the short form of his double Yang Tai Chi, August 1972 in South Africa. Tchoung Tatchen developed his own form based on the Yang..

TTCS 40th Anniversary Parade In Toronto 8/12/10.The International Taoist Tai Chi Societys 40th anniversary parade in downtown Toronto, August 12, 2010. The parade began and ended at YongeDundas..

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