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Title: Schooled. Author: Gordon Korman. Publisher/Imprint: There is no bad language, only references to middle school pranks, such as wedgies, etc. Small Steps is the sequel to Holes, but does not star Stanley Yelnats. Instead,

Such as Haslam's massive off in '84. There's also plenty of on-bike footage courtesy of the likes of Spencer and Gardner. Plus, there's the record-breaking SES TT Zero race which saw the first-ever electric bike lap of the Mountain course at an average speed of more than 100mph.

Absolute Zero. The Abyss. Across the Roof of the World. Across the Soviet Union. I Was There. Argentina. Argentinean Seal Pups. Aristotle's Lagoon. The Ark. San Francisco Tai Chi. Sandra Blow. Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm. The Santa Files.

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