There are other tai chi classes available but the following classes are taught by currently certified TCHI instructors who have undergone the certification process endorsed by the Institute.

Tai Chi: A Mind-body Exercise for Pain Relief and Well-being Chenchen Wang, MD, MSc Associate Professor of Medicine Director, Center for Integrative Medicine

Improving Balance with Tai Chi By the Vestibular Disorders Association with contributions by Gaye Cronin, OTD, OTR, Atlanta Ear Clinic, Atlanta, GA health program. It offers the advantage of maintaining many traditional Tai Chi prin-

30 TAi CHi CHUAN MARTiAL POWER practices that can be used to strengthen the body and improve health and life. Taijiquan is only one of the many available systems.

A new beginner’s tai chi class for Lucas County residents 50 and older begins today, offered through the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

3 Research Methodology for Tai Chi characterized by agile steps, unique Qigong (method of generating life energy), and a higher stance than other styles.

Health Benefits of Qigong & Tai Chi . What is Qigong? Qigong combines the energy work of Oriental medicine with meditation and physical movement.

What is Qigong? Qigong (pronounced chi kung), often called acupuncture without needles, is a health maintenance technique similar to Tai Chi. Qigong can be translated as “working with energy” – the same “energy” used in Chinese

Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance Instructor Course Request for Applications 2 Falls among older Ohioans have grown to epidemic proportions. Falls are the leading cause of injury-

Dr. Peter Uhlmann Tai Chi and Health Taichi is an ancient martial art, practiced in China for centuries. Many travelers to the Orient are familiar with the early morning sight of elderly Chinese people performing

Correlation across the two measurements (Pearson’s r = 0.98; p 0.001). In addition, a random sample of 10 subjects from the Tai Chi group were retested the following day to confirm

TAI CHI FOR HEALTH COMMUNITY CLASSES FOR ADULTS . WHAT IS TAI CHI? Tai Chi originated in China as a martial art. Over time, it has evolved into an effective exercise for a healthy mind and body. There are several styles of

Exercise for Good Health. While the martial arts applications of Qigong and Tai Chi provide entertainment value in Kung Fu novels and movies, it is their role in human health and therapy that can

TAI CHI CHI KUNG FOR FITNESS 50 minutes 8V81b Video instruction by Lee Holden, who has taught classes with the Employee Wellness Program.

Coping with ET: Tai chi Our Mission: The IETF funds research to find the cause of essential tremor (ET) that leads to treatments and a cure, increases awareness, and studies with the goal of determining how the body is affected by tai chi and its influence on health.

1 Qigong and Tai Chi: Traditional Chinese Health Promotion Practices – Qigong and Tai Chi — in the Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Disease

A new beginner’s tai chi class for Lucas County residents 50 and older begins today, offered through the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

Linda Phillips, the aqua mind body leader at Haven on the Lake, a fitness retreat in Columbia, was suffering from migraines, one of the residual effects of a basketball-to-the-head concussion. It wasn’t until she started attending Haven’s newish, relatively little-known aqua tai chi class (and

DOWNTOWN AKRON — Inside the walls of the Akron Blind Center, which sits at 325 E. Market St. on the north end of the campus of The University of Akron, members discuss current events, learn new computer skills, practice tai chi, attend Bible study and knit hats.

Items for the Community Calendar may be emailed to or mailed to: The Examiner, 410 S. Liberty St., Independence, MO 64050, attention Jill Ritchie. Also, check the calendar online at FRIDAY, OCT. 7• []

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