While no difference was noted after exposure to C.-H. Chen Department of Human Genetics, Tzu-Chi College of of Genetics, National Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC Tel.: +886-2-2826-7100, Fax: +886-2-2826-4719 J. Jen Tai Institute of Statistics, Academia Sinica

difference between the friendship in working ward and across wards. Li-Se Yang, Hsieh-Hua Yang, Hsiu-Tzu Chen, Mei-Fang Chang, Yu-Fen Chiu, Ya-Wen Chou, Yen-Chi Cheng Subject:

Atropine-Induced HRV Alteration is Not Amended by Electroacupuncture on Zusanli Chi-Hsien Chang,* Jin-Long Huang,†,¶ Chih-Tai Ting,†,¶ Chi-Sen Chang‡, The difference between the baseline and post-acupuncture periods was statistically significant

Yi-Jen Chen, Shih-Ann Chen, Ching-Tai Tai, Wen-Chung Yu, An-Ning Feng, Yu-An Ding, and Mau-Song Chang Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, National Yang-Ming University, School of Medicine, and Veterans General Hospital-Taipei, data and Chi-square test with Yates’ correction or

TONES AND PROSODY IN MIDDLE CHINESE AND THE ORIGIN OF THE RISING TONE MEI TSU-LIN W10I HARVARD and eighth centuries tonal difference was utilized to simulate the and Matthew Chen, "eVowel length variation as a function

Cell viability and drug concentration was affirmed; furthermore, the difference in IC 50 value between the chip and 96- Chun-Hui Yang, Chi-Li Chiu, Chen-Lin Chen, Yueh Wang cells, Biosensors and Bioelectronocs, 24, 869(2008) [5] Yi-Chin Toh, Teck Chuan Lim, Dean Tai, Guangfa Xiao

Association of IL28B gene variations with mathematical modeling of viral kinetics in Ching-Sheng Hsua,b,c,1, Shih-Jer Hsuc,d,1, Hung-Chia Chene, Tai-Chung Tsenga,c, Chen-Hua Liuc,f, Wei-Fang Niug, Jenher Jengg, Chun may contribute to this difference, whether favorable hepatitis C

Evidence from the Price Difference between Chinese A and H Shares. Lin Guo, Suffolk University, USA. Liang Tang, Tzu Tai, Rutgers University, USA. Kehluh Wang, National Chiao Tung University, Hsuan-Chi Chen, University of New Mexico, USA. San-Lin Chung, National Taiwan University,

Photos, and group conversation and one study each in the areas of Tai Chi and music. Culinary . A culinary study was There was also a significant difference between the two groups on total L., Yang, C.Y. & Chen, J. J. (2009). Application of reminiscence treatment on older people

Fan Yang1,2, Jeffrey L. Carlin3, Chao Liu1, Yue-Yang Zhang Hao-Tong Zhang1, Hsu-Tai Lee8, Kai-Ke Pan9, Zhan-Wen Han10 and Hong-Chi Wang11 1 Key Lab for Optical Astronomy, National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese the difference between the overall input catalog – Sloan Digital

AD Report 68-92 February 1968 AUTHOR: CHU Chen-tung (2812/7201/2839) ORG: Kuei-yang Municipal Firoit People's Hospital The difference between plaque-forming titer and the mouse-brain LD50 titer, the plaque-forming rate,

The Correlates of Leisure Time Physical Activity among an Adults Population from Southern Taiwan Yi-Ju Chen1,2, cant difference in the distribution of education calisthenics, tai-chi, bowling, folk (or aerobic) dancing, volleyball/table tennis, single (or double) badminton/tennis, slow

Tai-Chi, medicine, martial arts, significant difference between groups in peak velocities of the COM. infer the correlation between Yuanji-Dance practice and cognitive information processing speed (faster reaction time).

Content (Volume II) 1. Pei Shan Hsiao , Jeng Shin Chen , Yi Wen Chang and I Lin Wang I Lin Wang, Chi Tai Chou and Shao Jen Huang (363) 71. Method of Reliability Analysis and Durability Evaluation of Concrete Strength in Large Stadiums.

High Levels of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Increase Risk of TAI–CHUNG TSENG,*,§,** CHUN–JEN LIU,‡,§ HUNG–CHIH YANG,‡,# TUNG–HUNG SU,‡,§ CHIA–CHI WANG,*,** 10. Chen JD, Yang HI, Iloeje UH, et al. Carriers of inactive hepatitis B

No significant difference between transgenic maize and non-transgenic maize seeds. According to with chi-tinase gene, Yang Yuexin, Chen Shurong, Wang Zhu, Yang Xiaoli, Wang guodong, Men Jian-

TONES AND PROSODY IN MIDDLE CHINESE AND THE ORIGIN OF THE RISING TONE MEI TSU-LIN W10I HARVARD and eighth centuries tonal difference was utilized to simulate the and Matthew Chen, "eVowel length variation as a function

Electrophysiological Mechanisms and Determinants of Vagal Maneuvers for Termination of Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia Zu-Chi Wen, MD; Shih-Ann Chen, MD; Ching-Tai Tai, MD; Chen SA, Chianc CE, Yang CJ, Cheng CC, Wu TJ,

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