Chi-Amer. Museum of N. California Marysville, CA Niuyue Huabu Lishi Yanjiushe New York, NY Tai Koo, Taikoo, Taigu

MOONday 03 12 2012 = 11 MORE BLOOD FOR ALLAH compliments of the VATICAN TALIBAN. US SOULdier kills 16 civilians. NOW THE VATICAN TALIBAN can turn on USA for REVENGE and attack aMERIca according to BELLial MEDIA popestaliban

Subsequently uploaded to YouTube. Also uploaded were videos of dozens of Cheng Dali, Zhongguo Wushu—Lishi yu Wenhua (Chinese Martial Arts—History and Culture) (Chengdu: Sichuan Douglas Wile, Lost Tai-Chi Classics from the Late Ch’ing Dynasty (Alba-ny: State University of New

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