Sun Taijiquan 73 Competition Form, Research by Mike Garofalo, Valley Spirit Taijiquan, 2008 List of Movements, Sun Lu Tang's Original Long Hand Form, 98 Movements, 1921

Sun Style of T’ai Chi Ch’uan Standard International Competition 73 Form (1991) Movements 1-38 1. Wu Ji then Tai Ji 2. Leisurely Tying Clothes

Tai Chi Center of Chicago Awareness, Balance, Strength What Is Tai Chi? Tai Chi is a Taoist system of exercise for health, meditation, and self defense.

Tai Chi for Energy What is Tai Chi for Energy? This program consists of two different tai chi styles. Chen style tai chi is vigorous and sophisticated, containing fast

38 Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts Intro We have always known that there was a deep wisdom in the movements of Tai Chi, but its only now that we have discovered

Prepared by Ann Bower, Senior Trainer, Tai Chi for Health May/2014 SAFETY: One of the great things about tai chi is that its gentle, slow movements are very low-

The program contains warm up and cool down exercises and 16 movements. Tai Chi for Energy is easy to learn yet still retaining the complexity of Chen Style and Qi power of the sun style. How Does Tai Chi Work?

Modified Sun Style Tai Chi for Health and Fitness Developed by Dr. Paul Lam Tai Chi Qigong/Shibashi 18 developed by Professor Lin Hou-Sheng in 1979

Sun Style Tai Chi / Qi Gong TAI CHI EXERCISE Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that originated in ancient china. It has been proven to increase flexibility, muscular

Tai Chi: History, Principles and Theory Tai Chi, also known as Tai Chi Chuan, Taiji, and Taijiquan, originated in China in the 17th century as a martial art and means of self-defense.

sun salutations, flow with the breath you burn calories and relax at the same time. It’s Tai Chi is a Chinese martial and healing art designed to It is characterized by slow, gentle movements. Qi Gong is the art and science of using breathing techniques

1 Tai Chi Animal Frolics: An Integrated Arts and Mindful Movement Model for a Stressful World The Tai Chi Animal Frolics is a simple movement form that combines the

Over 100 million people do the physical form movements of tai chi every day in China. tai chi and chuan. (Tai: big, a lot of; sun and moon, self and other, attack and defense, this and that. Tai chi, then, refers to a philosophical idea about the nature of existence,

Tai Chi for Arthritis Fall PreventionWorkshop An evidence-based program that is supported by the Center for Disease Control to improve balance, this Sun Style tai chi protocol was

Balance Control During Tai Chi Movements . 1Beverly L. Roberts, 2Hongtao Li, 2Roy Geib, 2Gabi Waite, 3Paul Lam, 4Guido Pagnacco and 4Elena Oggero

Yin, Yang and Tai Chi . by Weimin Kwauk . June 2012 . The concept of Yin and Yang . Yin and Yang are words in Chinese philosophy that describe everything in the universe. If you trace the annual shadow movements of a Sun Dial you will get the same

38 Tai Chi Chuan & Oriental Arts Intro We have always known that there was a deep wisdom in the movements of Tai Chi, but its only now that we have discovered

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation? Yang, Sun and Chen tai chi styles. Chen style is vigorous and sophisticated, containing fast and slow movements along with the mysterious spiral force. Sun style has a uniquely powerful qigong (life energy)

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