Sorato Evidence

Sorato Evidence,Im a big Sorato Fan that doesnt mean i hate Taiora, Mimato, Taito or any other so i thought of making this tutorial for all the Sorato Fans out there rate and..

Tai And Sora - Something More.This is my ferst tutorial Hope you like it. This tutorial is about Tai and SoraTaiora, my favorite couple of Digimon. I used to watch this serie years ago and I stil..

Tai &Sora- Apologize.Soras apology to Tai for choosing Matt over him..

Tai's Sexual Awakening (How Sora Ended Up With Matt).The real story of how Sora ended up with Matt. Voice cast Tai Mylertckvy SoraMimi DiMarie90 Izzy LuffyDaman91 This is a fan series. We do not own rights..

Digimon The Movie - My Favorites Moments (Part 1).I have the vertion in Latin Spanish too.

Digimon Adventure Tri - Sora Mimi Y Kari En La Cafeteria.Digimon Adventure Tri Sora Mimi y Kari acompaadas de piyomon palmon y gatomon en la cafeteria comiendo un platillo delicioso. los digimons con sus..

Digimon Tai And Sora taiora Almost

Digimon Tai And Sora taiora Almost,This is a Taiora tutorial. I know i already used this song on a slideshow.but I just had to make a tutorial of it to. Hope you like it! Pleace comment and rate..

Tai Y Sora Adios - DIGIMON..

Tai &Sora- What Hurts The Most.Tai is devasted because Sora ran away to Matt..

Tai X Sora - Digimon Tri - (Mep Part).Esta es una parte que hice para el MEP pblico de Cherry Blossom Studios ..

According To You [Digimon AMV: Tai X Sora X Matt].I dont usually do stories to the tutorials but the ending is a little unclear so baaasically even though Tai treats her better, Sora ends up choosing Matt anyway..

Digimon: Tai And Sora (taiora) - Say Anything.This is my first DigimonAMV I made with SV D I hope youll like it Please say what you think D SongSay anything by Good charlotte..

Digimon 02 - Matt Saving Sora.Digimon 02 Matt saving Sora PLEASE GIVE COMMENTS The clip when June tells Davis that its over between her and Matt cos he saved Sora instead. lg..

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