BLS. Taichi Yagami Down HBD Julia 1k Subs!

BLS. Taichi Yagami Down HBD Julia 1k Subs!,Beautiful Lie Studios Happy Birthday Julia I know, my last upload was very long ago, but you know. No inspiration, motivation etc. But I just..

Happy Really Early Birthday, Sis'! ^^..

LAZY SONG TAICHI YAGAMI (DIGIMON).lazy song Bruno Mars Today I dont feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed dont feel like picking up my phone So leave a message at the tone..

Show Me Love ? A Sorato &Michi Tribute.Anime Digimon Adventure 0102 Couples Sora Takenouchi X Yamato Ishida Sora X Matt Mimi Tachikawa X Taichi Yagami Mimi X Tai Song Show Me..

Digimon Adventure - Our War Game! Ep.3 Omnimon The Royal Knights ?Play ??? ???????????.Digimon Adventure Our War Game! Movie for PSP ! When a..

Digimon Adventure - Our War Game! Ep.2 Infermon The Unidentified Digimon ?Play ??? ???????????.Digimon Adventure Our War Game! Movie for PSP ! When a..

Asakura Yamato And Yagami Taichi

Asakura Yamato And Yagami Taichi,a minivid of Tai and my rpc,YamatoMattzeke the other pics ive been working on lately enjoy anyways! song this is me by Demi Lovato..

Happy Birthday Sis'/Kari/Hikari-chan ( KariKamiya5 )..

Taichi &Hikari - You'll Be In My Heart.Tomorrow is my birthday 7th of January so I want make tutorial from Taichi and Hikari again D And I have to say this is so much better than my first tutorial D I..

Test PPSSPP Digimon Adventure Partly Eng Patched Beginning And 1st Battle.My Super Recorder is currently not working so Ill be trying the new honestech DVR USB My sister bought for my birthday last October. Ill try recording one of..

A Music Video To Taichi "Tai" Kamiya By N64ization The Swe Guy With Nintendo 64..

Taichi &Hikari Guardian Angel.This is my first vid. I think Taichi is Hikaris Guardian Angel Please comments. Music KSystem Guardian Angel I Dont own this anime or this music!.

Taichi And Hikari Before Taichi Leave.I just combine again I hope those text doesnt go too fast. Try follow them. And Hikari is going out of the door, NO Taichi. Taichi going after Hikari I hope you..

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